Tangential Pond Return (TPR)

Tangential Pond Return (TPR)

Look no further for quality Tangential Pond Returns. These Tangential Pond Return fittings are perfect for concrete or liner installations as they have a wider flange for better liner grip then most other brands.

Here are some the of the benefits with Tangential Pond Returns

  • Tangential Pond Return can be set at an angle for better circulation
  • Full Smooth flow- no obstruction (no inside thread that could damage nose of koi)
  • Wide Flange for better liner grip
  • Strong welded ABS
  • Stainless Steel Screws included with Liner version

Tangential Pond Return are designed to return water to the pond at 45° to the pond wall promoting circulation of the water in the pond.

The Tangential Pond Returns are available for use with Fibreglass or Liner ponds. The Tangential Pond Return unit shown is for use with a Fibreglass finished pond. All Units have a pipe Length of 450mm.

1.5 inch Tangential Pond Return
£ 22.95
2 inch Tangential Pond Return
£ 27.95
3 inch Tangential Pond Return
£ 34.95
4 inch Tangential Pond Return
£ 49.95
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