Nexus Eazy Waste Pipe Kit

This kit is often forgot about until the end of the instalation, why not order it at the same time as your Nexus Eazy 200 or Nexus Eazy 300, it will save you time and delivery costs.

The kit includes everything to connect to the 1.5 inch Pressure Ball Valve and 3/4 inch Pressure Ball Valve already supplied with your Nexus Eazy Filter.

This will allow you to drain the inner Nexus Eazy Chamber down and the 3/4 inch Ball valve which will enable you to drain the outer Biological Kaldnes Chamber down, if you ever needed to that is.

This kits makes life alot easier and cleverly brings both waste outlets on the Nexus Eazy Filter in to just the one waste Outlet!

Nexus Eazy Waste Pipe Kit
£ 14.95
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